Police Department

Patrol Units prepare for their 1st run January 1st, 2015

Jason Newton is sworn in by Judge Antos as the New Police Chief of Shenango Township December 31, 2014

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Tom Hubert addresses the newly formed Shenango Township Police Department December 31, 2014.

Judge Antos swears in Sergeant Wherry and Officer DeCarmen December 31, 2014 as Chief Newton and Supervisor Dale Perry look on.















Shenango Township Re-established the Shenango Township Police Department December 31, 2014

In 2014 the Shenango Twp Supervisors voted to leave Southwest Regional Police Department and once again have their own Department. The previous Department was disbanded in 2004 when the Township joined Southwest Regional.  After months of discussion and research the Supervisors decided, in the best interest of the safety of the Township residents and better use of the public safety portion of the annual budget, to bring back our own Department.  In September of 2014 Jason Newton was hired as Police Chief.  Sergeant Wherry was hired soon afterward and the two of them prepared the Township for it’s own force once again.  Vehicles and equipment were purchased, Officers interviewed and hired, proper paperwork to the State and County submitted. On January 1st of 2015 at midnight the first shift hit the streets.  This was quite an accomplishment in such a short period of time.  With the “new” department the Township enjoys a greater Police presence. It has also saved thousands of dollars compared to the fees from the previous department. The Officers worked out of a small Office until the completion of the renovated Township Building in 2021. The office is fully equipped to provide the Department with the space they need and the latest technology to keep the residents safe.

Call 911 for all emergencies

Non-Emergency: 724-662-6110

Police Chief- Jason Newton  
Phone: 724-528-9571 ext 203

Detective Kevin Wherry
Phone: 724-528-9571 ext 204

Ptlm./K-9 Justin Barnes
Phone:724-528-9571 ext 211

Ptlm Jonathan DeCarmen
Phone:724-528-9571 ext 212

Ptlm James Forsythe  
Phone:724-528-9571 ext 214

Ptlm Jack Gladysz   
Phone:724-528-9571 ext 215

Ptlm Anthony Libonati
Phone:724-528-9571 ext 216

Ptlm Riley Trodden
Phone:724-528-9571 ext 217

Ptlm Ethan Zeljak
Phone:724-528-9571 ext 218

Ptlm Nicholas Schneider
Phone:724-528-9571 ext 219

Ptlm Anthony Dibello
Phone:724-528-9571 ext 213