Fire Department


Justin Barnes, Township Fire Chief

Don Hoover, STVFD Chief

Earl Butterfield, STVFD President


Call 911 for all emergencies

Office: 724-877-1844

Throughout the years, your Shenango Township Vounteer Fire Department has undergone a multitude of changes. We currently have a 55-member roster and are always looking for more members to help serve the community in which they live.

At the height of the Covid 19 pandemic the Shenango Township Volunteer Fire Department began offering a new service to the Shenango Township community. It is a Quick Response Service (QRS), which is a medical service that is licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of Health. This service has been a great success and greatly decreased the time it takes medical personnel to arrive on scene and start treating patients in a medical emergency.

Currently the Department has started an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Squad and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance service that will be run by the Shenango Township Volunteer Fire Department. This Ambulance Service will be based within the Township and will greatly reduce repsonse times in medical emergency incidents.

Throughout the years, the Shenango Township Volunteer Fire Department has been recieving more and more calls for service. In 2020, 246 calls for service were answered. In 2021, 336 calls for service were answered. As of writing this, the Department is on pace to run over 400 calls for service in the year 2022.

Your Volunteer Firefighters have completed thousands of hours of training throughout the years. This training had included Essentials of Firefighting (188 hrs), Vehicle Rescue Technician (48 hrs), Harzardous Materials Operation (24 hrs), and Emergency Medcial Technician (240 hrs) to name a few. We look forward to future training opportunities.

This year we have begun offering a new service to the community with the assistance of the Shenango Township Police Department. In 2022 our Firefighters will be able to assist you if you happen to lock you keys inside of your vehicle. You can call Fire Chief Justin Barnes at 724-877-1844 to get you car unlocked. There is no fee, but a donation would be greatly appreciated.

Your Shenango Township Vounteer Firefighters are dedicated, diligent, well trained, and prepared to help the community in which they serve. We appreciate all the community support and look forward to serving the community for years to come!